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Lunch at Side Dish

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Monthly Take & Bake Meals

We have your delicious solution to everyday hectic. Are you tired of typical carryout but still in need of convenience? Are you looking to replace gut-busting dinner with a prepared, tasty, from-scratch meal? We are stocking our cases with a selection of crafted meals and sides for one or for the entire family. And, to make your experience fresh and fun, we frequently rotate the menu and create a unique twist. We recently kicked off monthly rotating meal specials that highlight female culinary pioneers. No franchise food here–just inspired food with a twist.

Delivery now available for the Greater Rochester Area on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please leave a cooler on your porch and your meals will be delivered between 1pm – 5pm, ready to heat and serve. Download our reheat instructions for take & bake meals

femme fatale june nora cookbook

Femme Fatale of Food

Nora Daza 1928-2013

Sweet, sour, and salty. The combination of these three bold flavors is commonly used to describe Filipino cuisine. Not only does Filipino food taste amazing, but the presentation of this island cuisine is also pretty special too.

Nora Daza was a culinary icon and world-famous Filipino chef. She starred in many television and radio cooking shows and was the author of six cookbooks. Her cooking experience not only included Filipino cuisine, but French, Chinese, Spanish and American as well. Her highly anticipated first restaurant opened in Manila and spotlighted French cuisine. Seven years later she introduced the French to Filipino food by opening the first restaurant of its kind in Paris. She gave her eldest son the responsibility of running this restaurant, Aux Iles Phillippines at the young age of 22. Nora continued to be a pioneer in the field and headed to the United States in 1975 to open the first Filipino fine-dining restaurant in Manhattan. Some of Nora’s children got bit by the culinary bug too. One of her sons, Chef Sandy Daz, is a famous chef in his own right, and after working in her mother’s restaurants for many years, her daughter, Nina became editor of Appetite magazine. Fun Facts about Nora- “Let’s Cook with Nora” was a popular wedding and shower gift for many Filipino newlyweds from the 1960’s-1980’s. “Let’s Cook with Nora” came out in 1965 and is still considered one of the best-documented recipe collections of Filipino recipes Skilled in the kitchen, and in her studies, Nora obtained her Master of Science in Restaurant Management from Cornell University in 1956.


madhur jaffrey

Femme Fatale of Food

Madhur Jaffrey 1933 – 

Madhur Jaffrey is an Indian-born British-American who is credited for bringing Indian cuisine to the Western Hemisphere. She is a professional actress, food and travel writer, tv personality and James Beard award-winning cookbook author. Despite never cooking as a child while growing up in Delhi, she became an iconic Chef, who introduced many to the luring flavor profiles of this type of cuisine.

I admit some of my first flavor experiences with Indian cuisine were discovered pouring over Jaffrey’s first cookbook, An Invitation to Indian Cooking, published in 1973. I found this cookbook at an estate sale in Grosse Pointe and was entranced by the stylish and fascinating woman surrounded by vegetables on the cover. During the late 60’s/early 70’s time period, Jaffrey lived in New York City, and there were no good Indian restaurants. According to her, “the only good Indian food in New York was at Indian people’s houses”. Now New York city is home to over 500 Indian restaurants, including Semma, the only Indian restaurant in the Us to win a Michelin star. We have to thank Madhur Jaffrey for this explosion of Indian food, as she is often credited for first introducing Americans to authentic Indian food.

Fun facts about Madur- She was a disc jockey on All Indian Radio, she calls herself “the original Spice Girl” jokingly, and still currently resides in Manhattan. The 50th Anniversary Edition of “An Invitation to Indian Cooking” was released this summer.


Summer Finale Corn Chowder

Enjoy a bowl to celebrate the end of summer bounties. Loaded with sweet corn, potatoes, peppers, smoky bacon and herbs. Sold by the Quart


Chicken and Roasted Butternut Chili w. Red Lentils

dairy free Downtown Rochester Taste of Fall gluten free

Shredded chicken w. chunks of roasted butternut squash stewed with red lentils, spices and coconut milk. Sold by the Quart


Autumn Salad w. Cider Vinaigrette and Cornbread Croutons

Downtown Rochester Taste of Fall

Mixed Greens tossed w. cranberries, squash, bacon, pecans, dried apples, with our special cider vinaigrette and house made cornbread croutons. Perfect as an entree salad or a hearty side.


Gnocchi w. Butternut Squash, Lentils, and Feta


Pan-fried Gnocchi, with Roasted Squash, Baby Lentils, and Creamy Feta. Topped with Pine nuts

From: $15.00

Mediterranean Chicken w. Lemony Pearly Couscous

Herb marinated and grilled chicken slices served with roasted veggies over lemony Israeli couscous.

From: $15.00

Filipino Pork Asado

Nora Daza

Slow cooked pork shoulder and potatoes in a complex sauce of tomatoes, garlic, and soy. Served w. white rice.

From: $15.00

Pancit Canton w. Oyster Sauce (birthday noodles)

Nora Daza

Lo mein tossed noodles w. shredded chicken, Chinese sausage and colorful veggies.

From: $15.00

Au Bon Vivant Orange Tart

Nora Daza

Our modern individual interpretation of Nora Daza’s Orange Tart was a mainstay at her former Au Bon Vivant restaurant in Paris. Citrusy, light and a refreshing end to any dinner, or a perfect treat with your afternoon java. Serves 1

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